TORs of Research Advisory Committee


The Medical College Research Advisory Committee was established as a standing committee of the Academic Council to develop, monitor, and promote research activities within the institution as per national and international guidelines. And also to fulfill the standards given by PMDC in the National Accreditation Framework for Medical and Dental Schools in Pakistan 2019.


1. Development of Research Policies:

Formulate, review, and update research policies, guidelines, and procedures, ensuring compliance with WFME standards and local regulations. These policies should address ethical considerations, research design, data collection, publication, and intellectual property rights.

2. Research Promotion:

Encourage and support research culture among faculty members and students, including identifying research topics, funding opportunities, and collaboration with external research institutions.

3. Research Proposal Evaluation:

Evaluate and provide feedback on research proposals submitted by faculty members and students, ensuring scientific rigor, ethical considerations, and feasibility.

4. Research Monitoring and Evaluation:

Monitor the progress of ongoing research projects, provide guidance and support to researchers, and ensure adherence to timelines, milestones, and ethical standards. Conduct periodic evaluations of research outcomes and recommend necessary modifications or improvements.

5. Research Training and Capacity Building:

Develop and implement initiatives to enhance research skills, including workshops, seminars, training programs, and mentorship opportunities for faculty members and students.

6. Research Ethics Oversight:

Establish mechanisms for ethical review and oversight of research involving human participants or animals. Ensure compliance with relevant ethical guidelines, regulations, and institutional review board (IRB) requirements.

7. Collaboration and Networking:

Foster collaborations and partnerships with other research institutions, organizations, and industry stakeholders to promote interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary research and leverage additional resources and expertise

8. Research Dissemination and Publication:

Encourage and support the publication and dissemination of research findings through scientific conferences, journals, and other appropriate channels. Provide guidance on publication ethics and responsible authorship.

9. Reporting:

Prepare periodic reports on research activities, progress, challenges, and recommendations for improvement and submit them to the Research Advisory Committee.


A convener will head the committee.
The number of members should be 5.
A secretary will be selected by voting members.
The secretary will be responsible for organizing the meetings, agenda formation, and maintaining a record of minutes of meetings. The Convener may invite additional non-voting attendees and co-opt additional members from the faculty, students, and administrative department depending upon the specific tasks and agendas.


The Convener of the Committee will be appointed by the Chair of the Academic Council (THE PRINCIPAL). A Deputy Chair can be elected from the membership at the first meeting of each calendar year.


The office of the Principal will provide administrative support.


Staff members will hold office for the term of their appointment in their designated role.
Nominated and Elected appointments will be for one academic term.
An elected member may resign from his or her position on the Committee by notifying the Chair of the Academic Council in writing specifying the reason for resignation.


The quorum will be 50% of the voting membership plus one.


The Committee will meet in the last week of every academic month with provision for in-person and technology-mediated meetings. The Chair may call additional meetings if necessary.

Resolutions of the Committee

Matters requiring a resolution or recommendation by the Committee are to be determined by a simple majority. In the event of a tied vote, the Chair will have a casting vote. Any resolutions or recommendations of the Curriculum Committee will be noted in the reports of the Academic Council.


There will be a written agenda distributed before each meeting.


The report from each meeting of the Committee will be provided to the next meeting of the Academic Council.