Examination Department

The examination cell in Rashid Latif Khan University Medical College was established in the year 2022, with prime objective to centralize the assessment of all undergraduate MBBS students at the campus.
The examination cell is working under the umbrella of Department of Medical Education to ensure quality assessment procedures which comply with standards laid down by the PM&DC.
Examination cell also trains nominated faculty members for maintaining quality and standards of the formative and summative assessments. The examination cell provides the students safe and peaceful environment for attempting all theory papers, OSPE, OSCE and viva examination, while simultaneously maintaining the transparency of the cell at all levels.
Examination cell also prepares and displays a ‘Per-test and Post-test report’ for enhancing the quality of all assessment procedures. The cell is located at the 2nd floor of the campus building, where students are not permitted to enter. The cell is headed by a highly qualified and trained faculty member of the college, and assisted by qualified staff, who are responsible for maintaining secrecy at every level.